Nightingale Infant & Nursery School

SEND, Inclusion & Equalities

Equality and Inclusion: a school for all

We are an inclusive school and do our very best to ensure the needs of every pupil are met to enable everyone to reach their potential.  The Trustees of Nightingale Infant & Nursery School accept and commit to the changes stated in the SEND Code of Practice in their management of Special Educational Needs at this school.

We will actively seek information about children with Special Educational Needs to ensure an appropriate and supported entry into main stream school.  The Trustees particularly value the greater emphasis placed on: –

  • Working in partnership with parents
  • Parental responsibility
  • Pupil participation
  • Working in partnership with other agencies to ensure that the requirements of the SEND Code of Practice (June 2014) and that the Every Child Matters Agenda is met

To do this, the Trustees use a variety of funding sources to: –

  • Employ a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator
  • Support class teachers in the classroom
  • Employ Teaching Assistants to work with individuals and groups of children
  • Provide professional training on the provision of appropriate support
  • Provide appropriate learning materials and equipment for SEND support.

Our SENCO, Mrs Lou Boyce  works across both Drayton Community Infant School and Nightingale Infant & Nursery School.

For our Equality Policy (including Equality Objectives) please follow the link below: