Nightingale Infant & Nursery School

School Values

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Lockdown had the nation thinking about what’s important in life and at Nightingale Infants and Nursery the whole school community took the time to think about the values of the school.

In twilight training sessions, the whole staff including the admin and site teams thought about what they wanted the pupils of the school to remember when they are adults and the values that as a team, they wanted the children to learn at Nightingale.  The children and parents were sent a questionnaire to answer about what values they think are important. Kindness was the value that the families felt to be the most important.

We were so excited by the response of our families to the new values and how we have been able to put this together as a school community so that everyone feels that they have ownership of them.

The team at school then worked on a way to put the values together. The staff loved the idea of using a bird theme.  The new school values are


Be Fair

Listen and Learn

Be Open and honest

Care for ourselves, each other, and the world

Keep trying

The children all love the new values and are living them in Nightingale Infants. Each class has two Flock stars a week. The children voted for character animals to link to each value which were introduced in the summer spring of 2022.

Flo the fair flamingo

Louis the lark who listens and learns

Olive the open and honest ostrich

Casper the caring and kind canary

Kitty the Kookaburra who keeps trying