Nightingale Infant & Nursery School

Who’s Who

Nightingale Infant & Nursery is in partnership with Drayton Community Infant School

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Executive Headteacher of Lionwood Schools Federation
and CEO of Inclusive Schools Trust:
Selene Sawyer

Senior Leadership Team

Partnership Headteacher: Sarah Hutt

Deputy Headteacher: Meg Watling

Partnership Assistant Headteacher: Meg Watling

Partnership Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCo): Lou Boyce

Pastoral Support

Family Liaison Advisor: Louise Dobson 


Partnership Office Manager: Stephanie Arnold

Clerical Assistant: Jo Baldry

Partnership Finance Assistant: Kelly Davy

MSA’s: Helen Powell, Carol Smith, Liz Callaghan, Caitlyn Bell, Danielle Rogers & Sherrie Johnson

Crossing Patrol: Rose Daley

Partnership Site Manager: Reece Lacaille

Caretaker: Ken Pyatt         

Cleaning Staff: Belinda Rudd and Roy Asker