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Year 2 Goldfinch

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Mrs Morris-Jones

Mrs Lappin

Summer 1 

Last term was all about The Magic Finger. We thought really carefully about how we could improve where we live and also thought more globally about how we can reduce reuse and recycle. We used atlases to see how far our food had travelled-we were shocked!! We looked at the work of a famous artist Guiseppe Arcimboldo who painted fruit and vegetables to create other pictures.



In Science we thought about how to stay fit and how to have good hygiene. We conducted some great experiments, the "Best drink for teeth experiment" was a favourite and the bread experiment was not nice at all, although we did find out the places in the classroom which seemed to have lots of bacteria!!


In Literacy we wrote some beautiful poems about what it might be like to fly through the air-we watched birds eye videos to inspire us. Working with a partner helped us to think about the way the poem sounded-we performed the poems to our class. We wrote persuasive letters to the family in The Magic Finger and engaged in lots of acting!

Maths was all about the four operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Keep practising Goldfinches!! We also worked on telling the time, half past, quarter to, quarter past moving on to 5 minute intervals.

All in all a great return to a full half term of work! Well done Goldfinches laugh

Mrs Morris-Jones

Mrs Lappin



January 2021


Hello Goldfinches! 

Well we would like to say welcome back but unfortunately we can’t! However, we refuse to be miserable about not seeing you and want EVERYONE to know that we are thinking about you and your families lots.  

What has really impressed us is how quickly you have learnt to use Seesaw (Well maybe it was your adults?!). We are still learning and sometimes we make mistakes but it has been quite a treat to look at the work you are completing and the different interpretations. All are wonderful, especially the videos. I often hear Mrs Lappin laughing as she looks through your posts! Keep up the good work and remember we are learning together! 

We hope you are enjoying our stories we certainly have enjoyed the ones you have sent in. 

We would have been thinking about Egg box dragon this term and I’m sure he’s lurking somewhere in the classroom… 

Stay safe everyone! 

Mrs Morris-Jones and Mrs Lappin 

September Welcome


Welcome to Goldfinch 


We have had a good start to Year 2. A big thank you to all parents for preparing your children as well as you have, we have been particularly impressed with reading.  The weather has been fabulous and we have spent time learning outside when we can. The children know how to be safe and we have sanitisers on the walls outside classrooms which the children are really using effectively. 


Remember PE for Goldfinch is on a Tuesday, so PE clothes on that day please. 


Lots more exciting things to come, so please keep checking our class page for updates about what we have been doing at school. 


Go Team Goldfinch! 

Mrs Morris-Jones and Mrs Lappin 

Watch this space for class updates!
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