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Summer 1 Reflections


Firstly I would like to say a huge well done to all the children for a fantastic half term at school. Everyone settled back into the school routine really well, it was like we never left! 



Last half term the children enjoyed exploring the vet role play area as part of our 'Great Pet Sale' topic. We painted pets looking carefully at their colours and patterns and spoke about how to look after different animals. We used real money to pay for things in a pet shop and wrote shopping lists.  


Then we focused on plants and growing through our 'Jack and the Beanstalk' topic. We spoke about what plants need to grow and even planted our own seeds and beans! We built castles for the giant using different resources and materials and wrote letters and questions to the giant living above our classroom! We re-enacted the story using puppets and thought carefully about the choices that Jack made in the story. The children knew the story so well that they were able to sequence the events and retell the story with their friends.  They loved learning a new Jack and the Beanstalk song and performing it for their grownups on Tapestry! 


Next we started our new topic 'Titch' where we learnt how to measure objects from the story in different ways. We explored how Titch felt in the story when his brother and sister always seemed to have bigger and better toys than him! We wrote thought and speech bubbles and then discussed why Titch's small seed was better than his brother and sisters shovel and pot at the end of the story. We made pinwheels and kites from the story and enjoyed flying them on the glade! 


As the weather changes, can we please remind you to apply long lasting sun cream to your child before school.  They must also have a named water bottle and appropriate named sun hat. 



We are really looking forward to another half term of learning! 

January Update


Happy New Year Everyone!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Holiday.  


The Autumn Term went by so quickly! We learnt about lots of different celebrations – Bonfire Night, Diwali, Remembrance and of course Christmas. For all of the celebrations we explored how different people celebrate them and talked about how this might be the same or different to us.  


We used various materials to make Diva lamps and lanterns which we used to decorate our home area. We painted poppies for remembrance day and even made spice paints to create mehndi hand patterns. We made firework pictures using glitter and enjoyed toasting marshmallows on our pretend campfire on the glade! 


This half term we got to make full use of our school library. We looked at lots of different books and chose one to take home and enjoy with our families.  


We had lots of fun with our Christmas activities. Our classroom Christmas tree was filled with our handmade decorations and we explored the nativity story using characters, props and books. We also enjoyed a Pyjama and Christmas Film afternoon. The Friends of Nightingale gave us a drink and a popcorn snack to enjoy with our film!  


As the weather turned colder, we wrapped up warm to find the ice hiding in all sorts of different places outside. We have enjoyed exploring in all weathers and loved playing in the rain with our waterproofs and umbrellas! We like to be creative using our large construction materials outside, exploring its endless possibilities. We have made trains, boats and adventure busses this half term!  


We are looking forward to our new topics this term and seeing all of your wonderful learning. Although we are currently remote learning we are very much enjoying seeing your learning at home on Tapestry and we are really looking forward to seeing you all again soon.  


September Welcome


Hello Robins! 


We have had such an amazing couple of weeks getting to know all of you. We have already had so much fun together learning how to use some of our outdoor equipment safely, including the bikes, hammock, slide and sandpit. We are so impressed at how well you have settled into your new classroom and we have already seen such amazing work with all of your pictures, paintings, models and singing! 

Can you remember our class motto? Choose it, use it, put it away! Maybe you could try using it at home too?


Please remember to label everything you wear to school, including hats, gloves, scarfs and especially shoes!

Please remember to come to school at your allocated time for pick up and drop off.  


We are really looking forward to our Autumn term as a whole class!  


Miss Betts, Mrs Boyce, Mrs Fulcher and Miss Jackson.


Watch this space for class updates!

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