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Summer 1 reflections



Summer 1 was a half term that was really Autumnal!! But in Nuthatch we read Titch, Jaspers Beanstalk and Jack and the Beanstalk.         

We planted and watered and raked and hoed and now we are waiting and waiting and waiting for the growing to begin. 


We measured ourselves and found who was the tallest and the shortest. We made flowers as tall as us. We made a huge beanstalk right up to the ceiling.  We counted beans and saw how many fitted into our hands. 

We shared and took turns and looked after each other.  We learn to share our resources and learn to let other people go first.  We learn to look after our resources and put and tidy away.  We are caring and kind.  We listen and learn and we try to tell the truth. We learn to keep on trying ---- we are going to be learning the FLOCK values which are the values of our school. 


Be Fair 

Listen and Learn  

Open and Honest 

Care for ourselves each other and the world 

Keep trying 



We have been busy outside – in our  sand pit, and on the bikes.  In our water area we love to use the pipes and the drains to see the water running and we try high pipes and low pipes.  

We love to read in our story shed and the grown-ups love to read with us and listen to what we think about the story. 

Happy New Year Nursery


Happy Happy Happy New Year Nuthatch Class. . . . 


We are missing you all so much while you are at home but we will be back together really soon. Playing and Learning together.  

Lots of you are doing such fantastic learning with your families – well done everyone. 

We have got 4 new friends started in Nursery and we can't wait to meet them when Nursery starts up again.  Our new friends are on Tapestry and are joining with some of the home learning. 

Last term half term went by so quickly – we did so much learning !! We learned all about different festivals and Autumn – we used Oliver finds a Leaf and Funny Bones to underpin our learning.  We had Horror Hair Day and Odd Sock Day Mostly though the adults help us to learn through doing things we want to do. 


One of our favourite things was learning about our bird the Nuthatch. We loved watching and listening for birds. We learned that the birds are blue and brown and white and have a black stripe on their face. The eat seeds and hazelnuts.  We used pegs to be the birds beaks and peck at spaghetti!  

We loved learning about Bonfire Night and Christmas. We made cards and learned some songs. We designed Christmas jumpers.  We played with our friends and learned how to share and take turns. 


It was such a fun term 

September Welcome

Dear Nuthatch Nursery 


Wow! What a fantastic start/return to Nursery. You are all superstars. Mrs Giles, Mrs Drake, Mrs Bye, Mrs Boyce, Mrs Yallop and Mrs Callaghan are so proud of you all.   


For the grownups; 

The children have been busy learning the routines and the rules at Nursery and are doing really well at listening and keeping safe. Please could we remind you to label absolutely everything – every shoe, jumper, cardigan, lunch box, spare clothes.   


Please only water in water bottles.  Squash and juice on the children’s teeth is very sugary and will cause decay. Squash is best at mealtimes as the food takes the sugar off the teeth. When squash spills its very sticky. We will refill squash bottles with water. Water is available all day every day  


There is fruit in Nursery every day – apples, pears, carrots, bananas.  We have lots and lots. There is absolutely no need to send in any snacks at all.  We make sure that every child has been asked if they would like snack and we encourage them to do so to promote independence and socialising. 


It’s been a great week. We have a few more children starting this week and then we will be starting Owl Babies for our story. Please don’t read it to the children before we have!!  


We are excited for this term.

Best wishes 

The Nursery Team.

Watch this space for class updates!
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