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School Readiness Session for Parents - Thursday 13th May 1.30PM

We are looking forward to welcoming you to a session about ‘school readiness’ in plenty of time before your child starts Reception in September. Of course, you have lots of questions about what you can do to help your child have the best start to their school journey. For some families, your child will have been attending a setting or childminder since they were tiny, for others this will be your first experience of settling your child for a day away from you. However, for you all it will be the first time that you have made the transition to ‘big school’ for this particular child – and they are all different.

That is what we love as Early Years teachers, the variety and experiences that all of our children bring with them at the very start of their educational journey with us. So come along to the session to pick up some top tips, share any anxieties and celebrate this exciting moment. My name is Zoë Wood – I have worked specifically in Early Years classes, both Nursery and Reception, for twenty years – I love this special and crucial part of education and wouldn’t choose to be anywhere else. I will be presenting this session in partnership with Sam Aldis, Specialist Leader of Education in Early Years from Lionwood Infant and Nursery School.


Thursday 13th May at 1.30pm

via Zoom Meeting ID: 935 6943 5715

Passcode: c2wMjN


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