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Learning to count | Oxford Owl

Paul Repper discusses how to help your child learn to count using counting songs, counting games and other counting activities.

Activities to try at home

Counting forward and back from any number (jump backwards or forwards). Use any numbers
Counting in steps of 2, 5, 10 and 3
Count your money! Go shopping and see if you can make the correct amount.
Go on a shape walk-can you spot 2d AND 3d shapes.
Try telling the time to O’clock/half past then quarter to/past and 5 minute intervals
Bake and measure-use millilitres/litres, grams/kilograms.
Take your temperature or check the weather outside using degrees centigrade.
Measure your home/garden/mum/dad/pet using centimetres and metres
Cut your food into fractions, halves, quarters. Thirds, two quarters, three quarters.
Keep a food/exercise/personal/pet diary using days of the week.
“Program your adult” using language of position and direction (half turn,quarter turn etc)
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