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At Nightingale Infant and Nursery our aim is to foster an interest in geography and to develop an understanding of the world we live in from an early age. It is our intention to provide the opportunity for all children to develop geographical skills while accessing a range of geographical resources. Having the opportunity to complete practical activities both in their local community and through local visits and visitors, gives children a sense of place life beyond their immediate locality and belonging. We aim not only to broaden children’s vocabulary both in terms of geographical language but also descriptive language through their response to the world around them. Links with our partner school –Kaphuka, Malawi have been of special benefit to our school and its community.

Our Geography curriculum at Nightingale is mainly topic based and links with our Power of Reading text to provide a context and hook for the children. Cross curricular links are planned to allow learning to become embedded through as many different areas as possible. In the Early Years books are carefully chosen and individualised. Lessons are planned and opportunities seized to generate discussion and locate different countries around the world. Children are encouraged to research using technology be it watching the BBC weather forecasts or using our school online Espresso resource to support information gathering.

Geography follows a clearly sequenced and progressive program of study from the Early Years framework- Early learning goals: people, culture, communities, the natural world and National Curriculum objectives. Children gain independence and confidence through enquiry based sessions and are taught specific skills of such as the effective/correct use of an atlas. There are opportunities to compare and contrast through discussion work and written activities. The early development of accurate and key geographical language is employed by all staff.


At Nightingale we aim to encourage children to use what is learned in lessons and to apply it to everyday life in their local community and beyond. We strive to create an environment where the children feel comfortable enough to ask questions and explore the geography of the local community, Great Britain and the wider world.


Our action plan is in place to ensure that this area of learning remains up to date and changes as required. Monitoring of geography is carried out half-termly to ensure that there is a consistency in the teaching of the subject. This term the action plan seeks to promote the learning and love of geography through interactive displays bringing attention to this area of the curriculum.

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